Pet safe polyurethane

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Pet safe polyurethane

Many of my readers and clients struggle to find sources that would help them to make better sofa fabric choices that will last for kids and pets. We all want a sofa or a sectional that is comfortable and reasonably priced. Below I am giving the insights on choosing upholstery fabric that is durable while it still looks good.

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I hope this post will save you some legwork and drama. The tight weave is good construction. The loose weave is a bad construction. Test it, and test it again! Get a fabric sample. Use fingernails to rub a fabric several times to see if the yarns shift or the fabric marks.

For example, a twill weave resists wearing less than a plain weave. Check if the yarns have a balanced weave, meaning all yarns in the fabric are about the same size and strength. These fabrics will wear better than ones with heavy yarns in one direction and thin yarns in the other. Wet the sample in one area, rub it, bend it, put a weight on it and observe what happens to it. For fabrics without visible yarns, like microfiber.

DD--ECOS Polyurethane Varnish

Can you remove a stain easily? Does the shape of the fabric change? Velvets and Mohair: If you want to test velvet or mohair, bend it on the diagonal.

pet safe polyurethane

Tighter weaves have less visible rows, indicating better quality. People swear by cotton velvet.

pet safe polyurethane

Good quality cotton velvet will hold up well. Mohair works beautifully as upholstery because it feels soft, plush and insulating in the winter while providing natural moisture-wicking in the summer. If you are wearing shorts it could be annoying. Ask for a sample before you buy it.

There are many types of mohair, and some synthetic, commercial fabrics can be too warm for hot climates. Ask for a sample if possible. Advantages: Sunbrella is the trade name for a solution-dyed acrylic.

In a traditional dyeing process, color is on the surface of the fiber, so they easily fade. Sunbrella fibers are saturated to the core with highly UV-stable pigments, making them resistant to fading.Plastic items are done through a process called injection moulding.

When the cavity is filled, the mould is then opened to release the product which is ejected from the cavity. Depending on the plastic used, the temperature for moulding will be different. If the melting temperature is too high, some manufactures will add other materials such as BPA and BHT which have a lower melting point.

The increased temperature will release the contaminants which melts at a lower temperature. We always use number 5 or polypropylene for 2 specific reasons.

While it does not contain BPA nor BHT, it has some other option really interesting to us where this plastic does not break and create sharp edges. If a dog bites it, it will be perforated but will not break.

We understand that this affects our manufacturing cost but being a family company, we believe that people are willing to pay more for a quality product when it comes to their pets health. Being a family company, we believe that people are willing to pay more for a quality product when it comes to their pets health.

Is Polyurethane Coating on Wood Floors Toxic?

We feel reassured that we can supply the best quality to customers and their pets. Where most of our competitors use a number 7 plasticwe feel that the quality of our pet products sets us apart and to be honest, this lets us sleep better at night knowing that our customers pets are safe and will stay healthy. Health Concerns Studies have found levels of antimony a toxic chemical leaching from water bottles that have been placed in heat for prolonged times. PETE plastic should not be reused because cleaning detergents and high temperatures can cause chemicals to leach out of the plastic.

Plastic 1 is only intended for one time use. HDPE is hard, opaque and can withstand somewhat high temperatures. Plastic 3 — Polyvinyl chloride PVC is a thermoplastic polymer. Through the use of phthalates, a plasticizer, it can be made softer and more flexible. Read about the harm of phthalates here. PVC can also be found in car interiors and vinyl flooring, resulting in the release of toxic chemicals into the air.

Health Concerns PVC is one of the toxic plastics that should be avoided. It can be found translucent or opaque. It is flexible and tough but breakable.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This is one of the hardest, most durable consumer polyurethane topcoats on the market today.

It is non-yellowing and offers easy water cleanup. It contains all the consumer-friendly characteristics of PolyAcrylic Blend. In addition, it contains a UV Stabilizer to protect it from breaking down in sunlight and to protect the underlying stains from fading.

With its pure polyurethane durability, it's a great choice for hardwood floors. Store Locator Shop. Grouped product items Product Price Qty. In stock. Reserve Yours Today.

pet safe polyurethane

See how you can get free standard shipping. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Find In Store Choose your store Choose a store Choose Another Store. Price Alert. Get one of the hardest, most durable satin polyurethane topcoats available — along with the convenience of easy water cleanup. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Product Description This is one of the hardest, most durable consumer polyurethane topcoats on the market today. Direction for use: Oil-based stains must be completely dry before using a water based topcoat.

Wait a minimum of 48 hours before applying General Finishes High Performance. Use a foam brush or paint pad applicator.

pet safe polyurethane

Apply liberally, using smooth, even strokes with the grain. Use enough material to provide a wet film. Sand between coats using or grit sandpaper. Remove dust before recoating.

A minimum of 3 coats is recommended. Additional coats may be applied to increase durability and depth.We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations.

Is this finish safe for food? According to finishing expert Bob Flexner, all finishes are food-safe once they have cured.

Polyurethane varnish does not present any known hazard. However, no finish is food safe until it has fully cured.

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The rule of thumb for full curing is 30 days at room temperature to degrees F. The question of food safety in finishes revolves around the metallic driers added to oils and varnishes to speed the curing process.

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Lead was used as a drier many years ago,but now lead is banned. No case of poisoning from finishes containing these driers has ever been reported. The Food and Drug Administration approves the use of these driers in coatings, and no warnings are required on cans or Material Data Safety Sheets.

Some of these specially labeled products have no driers added to them and they take quite a long time to dry! Juneissue Purchase this back issue. By American Woodworker Editors.

Is Polyurethane Food-Safe? A: According to finishing expert Bob Flexner, all finishes are food-safe once they have cured. Juneissue 94 Purchase this back issue. We are delighted to share some of the best AW content here on the PW website.

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All rights reserved Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Start typing and press Enter to search.People leave their homes for days to avoid the worst, throw out contaminated food when they return and spend weeks afterwards washing and cleaning everything to try to get rid of the smell.

Imagine being able to coat a floor or cabinet and preparing dinner in the same room. What about watching the TV while the contractor applies the finish around your couch. Developed thirty five years ago with a unique formulation, our products were designed for people with multiple chemical sensitivities, asthma, allergies and issues with everyday chemicals.

For over two decades, we have provided world class, high quality varnishes and relief from noxious chemicals to discerning individuals around the world. Our varnishes are zero VOC 2 and do not contain harmful solvents such as Formaldehyde and Toluene that off gas into the air. Safer for you, your family and the environment - Learn more here. Learn more about VOCs and our commitment to healthier paints here and here.

Our water based varnish is extremely hard wearing, has great clarity, and comes in a variety of sheens. Like polyurethanes, coverage is between and square feet per gallon, and drying times are quicker than traditional clear coats.

And, you can use our varnish where you would use a clear coat — on floors, furniture, woodwork, cabinets and doors. Altogether, easier to choose, easier to apply and easier to live with. If you care about the planet, ECOS Paints are the best choice for all your design and renovation needs!

Check out all of our paints, coatings, and products here.Customer Review My dog boarding facility was recently inspected by the NE Department of Agriculture as part of my licensing requirements. When I told the inspector that my average occupancy over the last several weeks was 16 dogs she told me how impressed she was that there were no bad odors in my facility.

I explained that my kennel floor had been sealed using SealGreen Kennel Sealer which reduces penetration of liquids and that I clean regularly using SealGreen Kennel Cleaner. I love the cleaner because it leaves everything smelling clean and fresh. She was so impressed that she took the information about the products and said she was going to pass it on to other kennels that she works with. Sally S. Ships in Concentrate Form to save on shipping cost: Add water and is ready to use.

Easy to install and maintain. It is recommend to clean concrete prior to sealing with Kennel Concrete Cleaner to extract all pet urine that has penetrated the concrete before sealing. SealGreen Kennel Concrete Siliconate Sealer with Salt Defense Technology is ideal for kennels with smooth or broom finished concrete floors inside or outside.

Our sealer is an odorless, water-based solution developed to effectively treat a wide range of concrete surfaces with out endangering your pets with slippery floors. SealGreen Kennel Concrete Sealer is an odorless, water-based penetrating, chemically reactive, siliconate, concrete sealer developed to provide long-lasting protection without changing the appearance of the surface. It does not turn yellow or create a shine or slippery surface for your pets.

Provides long-lasting protection to water, oil, urine, other pet accidents, and citrus absorption, jet fuel, and oil, organic stains without altering the natural appearance of the concrete or creating a surface film. Provides a safe and healthy environment for your pets. Pump Sprayer Information SealGreen Kennel Concrete Sealers is the preferred sealer used by professional kennels in the State of Missouri where all kennels are required to have seal floors, zoos, and pet containment areas.

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Architects, engineers and building professionals recommended for sealing driveways and other commercial or industrial concrete surfaces. Also Used: Inside and outside concrete, cinder block kennels, concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, entryways, ramps, parking lots, shopping center sidewalks, animal cages, zoos, farm stalls, horse barns, foundation walls, any concrete place where pets have access.

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It has a higher spread ratio sq feet per gallon as opposed to 75 square feet per gallon for silicate sealers because of the larger molecules. SealGreen has been formulated with the highest percentage of active ingredients available in the market today.

Worked very well. Definitely met my expectations Created with Sketch. Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0. Stamped Concrete and Colored Concrete Maintenance How can I make my stamped colored concrete look like when it was new? Process to Restore Stamped or Decorative Concrete Process to color stain and seal and inside floor with low foot traffic Process to color stain and seal and inside floor with high foot traffic.

Commercial Training. Find Us Directions.Insulation has typically been made from fiberglass, but because this has been linked to health issues such as respiratory problems, some builders have moved on to less dangerous options.

These safer forms of insulation come with another benefit: high R-value the rating used by the Department of Energy to indicate insulation's resistance to heat flow.

Good insulation should keep your space warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and a green material will make your home both comfortable and eco-friendly. If you're not sure which type of insulation is right for your home, visit the Department of Energy's page for more information and guidance.

Polyurethane, a durable polymer with numerous uses, is made into a foam for home insulation. As an insulator, it provides ample heat resistance; its R-value of 5 to 6 per inch of thickness makes it a good choice for basement walls and attics. Some polyurethane foams are made from soil or vegetable oil, too, as opposed to petroluem. Plus, the material's rigidity can enhance a home's overall structural integrity. In newer homes or additions, one of the most recommended options for insulation are structural insulated panels SIPs : polyurethane foam sandwiched between two boards- typically, oriented strand board, though sheet metals and plywood are also used.

Imagine a material that expands to almost 10 times its initial volume and stops air in its tracks. That's icynene. Used as a water-based foam insulation to fill the cavities of a home, icynene resembles whipped cream when it's installed. In addition to trapping air, however, it may also capture some moisture. That's why most builders also have to install a ventilation and air exchange system. Icynene's R-value ranges up to 3. While it keeps the heat in and the cold out, icynene is a delicate material that requires professional handling.

Mainly made from recycled newspaper, cellulose is arguably the granddaddy of green insulation. With an R-value similar to fiberglass near 3. It also provides tougher resistance against air leaks, and is one of the less expensive green insulation options on the market. Who keeps warm in the winter better than sheep? Sheep's wool is one of the most natural and renewable resources around. As it captures air, the wool retains its breathability.

I Want Better Sofa Fabric Choices to Last for Kids and Pets

With an R-value of up to 4, sheep's wool insulation is fire-resistant and robustly retains heat while also taking on moisture, limiting condensation. And unlike icynene, it doesn't require protective gear to install, making it a DIY favorite.

Over time, while other insulation materials clump and settle, wool expands and absorbs damaging chemicals that could be lurking between walls. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Home.


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