Mame linux distro

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Mame linux distro

It works automatically on all modern and not-so-modern hardware, including gameports and joysticks. Visitor rating : No visitor rating given yet. Rate this project. DistroWatch Gallery. Please refer to the table below. Select view: Major packages only 52 All tracked packages To compare the software in this project to the software available in other distributions, please see our Compare Packages page.

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Notes: In case where multiple versions of a package are shipped with a distribution, only the default version appears in the table. The Apache web server is listed as "httpd" and the Linux kernel is listed as "linux". The KDE desktop is represented by the "plasma-desktop" package and the Xfce desktop by the "xfdesktop" package. Visit Star Labs for information, to buy and get support. Protect your business and family against cyber attacks page PDF book.

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Best Linux distro for gaming in 2020

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I can probably use one that isn't particularly light-weight if there is no suitable light-weight distro, however.

mame linux distro

Ubuntu and Cabrio-FE are awesome! Cabrio-FE must be compiled from source but its a great light weight front end that is on par graphically with Hyperspin. I might give Cabrio-FE a go. I initially avoided it as from the look of the sources it hasn't been updated in over a year but I guess if it works then why update it?

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I'll give it a compile and test it out. Looks like I'm going to have nearly all the main linux frontends installed to test :. The main issue I found with linux is that the frontends were pretty terrible compared to the windows frontends. Due to this I unfortunately run a windows 7 mame setup but I would much rather run a linux based one. The best one I could find on linux was Wah! Cade but it's abandoned by the original dev and from memory it was quite out of date so it didn't work on the newer linux distros.


Some other devs did a fork of it called Mah! Cade which I haven't looked at in a while so maybe it's got better. I'd also like to throw in my endorsement in for Windows XP Lite. I think every front end for Windows runs on XP and it's really slim and light on resource usage, perfect for auto-loading right into the frontend.

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My first Mame machine used it. I don't know why I torture myself like this. I just wiped Win7 and doing a new build with lubuntu for better frontend performance. QMC2 seemed promising but their arcade frontend Segfaulted. Wahcade had the usual bugs when setting it up but I nearly have it all working and it seems to have decent performance compared to hyperspin. If anyone needs any help setting up a frontend on linux feel free to reply or PM me and I will be happy to help.

The Best Version of MAME For Killer Instinct?!

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Best Linux Distributions Crafted Specifically for Gaming

Add your expertise here!Long gone are the times when gaming on Linux was next to impossible. Although there are hundreds of Linux distros, all with different ideals and for various purposes, distros made for the sole purpose of gaming are not very common. But, of course, there are some really great options available. These distros are equipped with various drivers, emulators, and software for a convenient gaming experience, so you can just install them and get the gaming going.

Do note that most of the major Linux distributions support thousands of games with the help of Steam and Steam Play. Just for clarification, this list of the best gaming Linux distributions is no particular order. Steam OS, developed by Valve Corp. Steam OS is designed for running games from the Steam Store.

Package Format: deb. If, by chance, a driver for your hardware is not included out-of-box, you can always manually set that up. If you are a hardcore Steam fan and own a machine that meets the requirements, Steam OS is without a doubt for you. However, you need to own the games in order to play them. You do not need to install the OS by partitioning your hard drive, you just need a USB stick and you can boot directly from it to play the games you own.

It also comes with Kodia Media Center integrated, so that you can switch to watching movies when you get bored of games. Linux Console is a very lightweight, youth-focused Linux distro to install on your PC, gaming console, or servers to play games. It does support a lot of addictive games, like hedgewars and pinball.

You can also install games like Cuphead, by following the official instructions on their website. Game Drift Linux is optimized to give the best possible gaming experience on Linux. It provides out-of-box support for Linux and popular Windows games. Game Drift has its own Game Store filled with various open-source games, as well as commercial high quality Linux games.

More games are being added regularly. The Game Store supports one-click installation. You can play more than Windows games directly within Game Drift. You will also be able to run various other Windows software with CrossOver.

If you want Windows games support and can afford to spend some money buying CrossOver, Game Drift Linux is a good choice. Lakka OS is completely different from the distros we have discussed so far. This is a lightweight Linux distro that transforms a computer into full-blown game console.

It brings all these console emulators under the gorgeous front end of RetroArch. All the emulators are compiled with the best optimizations possible and so Lakka OS runs the games more smoothly than the normal emulators.

Most games will require very few hardware resource, except for the Playstation or Xbox games. The key features of Lakka OS are multiplayer, savestates, shaders, netplay, rewind, and support for wireless joypads. If you are a hardcore console gamer and have a machine you want to dedicate, Lakka OS is for you without any doubt.October 12,am.

Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print. A few years ago I was looking for instructions on how to properly get MAME running in Linux, and most of the information out there is incomplete, out of date, or just difficult to find.

As I went along, I decided to document the process to hopefully make it easier for myself and other. I wrote up my original instructions with Ubuntu What these instructions will do for you After following these instructions, you should have a reasonably lightweight OS running with MAME and a frontend.

Booting the computer will bring you straight into your frontend, with no need to login, or launch anything manually. Why linux? I spent some time looking at various ways to make the mame machine as lightweight and maintenance free as possible, while still being reasonably easy to implement. My choice came down between taking Windows XP and stripping it down to its bare bones, or starting with a fairly barebones Linux OS and adding what I wanted to actually use.

Philosophically, linux worked better for me. I mentioned lightweight, yes, there are far more lightweight ways to go than Ubuntu Server LTS, but I was looking at the tradeoff of lightweight, ease of use, and broad base of support. My first exposure to Linux was Debian, and I like the package management system. I find that Ubuntu is more user friendly than straight Debian, and the server versions are still relatively lightweight. Other versions of the software will be pretty similar, but you may need to modify things here and there.

Anyone with any Linux experience should be able to rush through the install with ease, and for anyone new to Linux, I think this will make for a fairly good foray into Linux, and introduce you to a lot of the basic concepts of Debian based distros. I really, really recommend going with an LTS server version, not a desktop version. The desktop version may be very tempting because it has a graphical desktop, but the desktop versions of most linux distros have a lot of extra applications installed that just slow down the computer and take up space, and most of the time it can be really difficult to effectively turn off things like auto-updating.

Installing a server version with no desktop environment will allow you to make a lean, mean mame machine that can be left pretty static once you have everything setup. Get a copy of Ubuntu Server Select Install Ubuntu Server from the menu. Pick the appropriate localization options. This is generally the best option to use, but I have run into a computer where for some reason it just would not work if you used LVM.

I would go with the default unless you have a specific reason not to do so. Be sure to read the screens as you go through this section. Most of them are fine to pick the defaults, but there are two points where it asks you to confirm you really want to proceed, be sure to select yes, as no is the default selection. For the HTTP proxy, this is generally fine to leave blank unless you need to use a proxy for some reason.Looking to take a trip down nostalgia lane and play some old arcade games with your Linux PC?

This software is a multi-purpose emulator that makes it possible to run various types of arcade cabinet games on any PC. For most Linux distributions, it will be easy to grab and get going. The software runs as a full screen application that users can interact with using a mouse making it perfect for those looking to turn a Linux PC into an arcade cabinet. To install the software, open up a terminal, and do the following:.

To enable the Universe software source, open up a terminal and enter the following:. The above command tells the system that it is OK to use Universe as a software source. The next step is to update the system and refresh the cache to reflect the changes we made. This is done with the apt update command. Mame is available for Arch Linux, but users will need to compile it in order for it to work. First, open the terminal and use it to install the various dependencies that the software needs in order for it to build right.

Mame can easily be compiled on any Linux distribution with little trouble. This will run the emulator. On the first launch, the emulation tool will refuse to work.

Compiling MAME from source rather than install it via a binary package? If so, the instructions above will not work. Due to legal reasons, it is not OK to simply distribute these files on the internet. You may need to repeat this process for each game to work, as there appears to be no root BIOS directory to work with. When the files are where they need to be, simply launch the Mame app, and use the menu chooser to select a game.

mame linux distro

From here, a warning message appears. This will open up a menu, with a list of control config settings for players 1 — 8.

mame linux distro

In each individual menu, the user must assign buttons to the player. Go down the list, select the control key, and press the enter key to re-map. When the option to re-map starts, press the desired button on the gamepad, keyboard and etc to map the specific buttons to the current player. Please keep in mind that you will need to do this for each gamepad, and player.

Coin controls default to on the number row. Press one to insert, and start the game. In addition, player start buttons are one button for each player. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Linux. To enable the Universe software source, open up a terminal and enter the following: sudo add-apt-repository universe The above command tells the system that it is OK to use Universe as a software source.

Get daily tips in your inbox.Best Linux distros for gaming help make it easy and accessible to play classic or even modern computer games on your Linux computer. Play on Linux. SparkyLinux GameOver. Ubuntu GamePack. Linux has a reputation for not being very gamer-friendly - game releases have traditionally been targeted at Windows PC users and sometimes also macOS for popular gaming franchises.

Additionally, Linux used to have limited support for hardware drivers such as for graphic cards. Not today. Linux has come in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades, so not only has hardware driver support vastly improved, but gaming is moving toward browser-based streaming which are accessible for any Linux user. However, during this time specially developed gaming packs and Linux distros have been released, aiming to satisfy the most hardcore Linux gamer.

While these won't turn your distro into anything like a home video console like a PS4 or Xbox Onethey do help provide for an accessible gaming experience for Linux users. SteamOS is probably the closest Linux distro to an actual games console. If you're handy with computers, consider building your own Steam Machine. SteamOS can only be used to play Steam games. However, the unique in-home streaming feature lets you connect the machine running SteamOS to another computer on the network, allowing you to stream a game to that PC.

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Unlike most Linux distros, not all of SteamOS is open source software. Play on Linux isn't so much a distro as a package you can install on your existing Linux PC, but it needs mentioning here because it's probably the biggest and best way of gaming with Linux after SteamOS. However, unlike SteamOS, which isn't intended to do anything other than serve as a video console, Play on Linux allows your current Linux machine to also play existing Windows PC games, including major titles, while still being able to use Linux for all the other things you need it for.

This makes it probably the most accessible package for most Linux users, especially those who would like to play popular titles on the same desktop or laptop that they normally use. Based on Winewhich allows for Windows applications to be run in a Linux environment, Play on Linux is easier to set up and use, making it ideal for less technically-minded users.

As with most Linux apps, Play on Linux is free and open source, and while the developers admit there may be some bugs, it still offers a gaming experience on Linux that few other packages can match.

Lakka is a lightweight version of Linux which can turn your computer into a retro games console. This distro supports most keyboards as well as wireless PS3 and PS4 controllers, along with Xbox controllers if you have the proprietary dongle.

RetroArch boasts a very handy autoconfig feature which should mean that most controllers will work out of the box without you having to manually map keys. The Lakka documentation also has some excellent walkthroughs for more unusual setups. For copyright reasons, the OS ships without any games preinstalled.

SparkyLinux is a Debian-based distro. The latest SparkyLinux GameOver edition includes new features such as the awesome Lutris gaming platform and a custom tool for installing a web browser so you can play online games.

Besides Lutris, GameOver Edition also includes a number of tools such as APTus Gamer which can download a variety of game emulators so you can relive old console favorites, although you may need to download these elsewhere.

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How To Play Arcade Games Using MAME On Linux

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